Here at Syltech Auto repairs, we specialize in Mercedes-Benzes repairs, maintenance, and other mechanical services. We know that our customers require professional care for their expensive cars while also keeping their repair costs as competitive as possible. For this purpose, we offer our services by highly trained Mercedes-Benz professionals who are equipped with latest diagnostic tools available.

We welcome our customers with all their vehicle’s mechanical issues and assure by providing professional repair services. For your convince and satisfaction we can also provide a reliable independent Mercedes servicing near you at affordable cost. , with a team of experienced technicians and their extensive knowledge of Mercedes-Benz, you must be assured that you are in safe hands.


Syltech Auto Repairs are the prime Mercedes-Benz specialists in London we can help you to provide regular services to extend the life of your car. This assures that defects are detected before they become serious problems. Our professionals are highly trained to perform car repairs and regular inspections. We also offer reasonable car services price, service-A from £100— Service-B from £190

Our exclusive Mercedes Benz services ensure: 

  •  The cost of repairs will decrease over the life of the car.
  • The vehicle’s performance will enhance.
  • The risk of a breakdown and time spent off the road will be significantly minimized.
  • It will lower fuel consumption because your engine’s components are kept in primecondition.

Our fully trained technician’s are focused on satisfying every single customer needs through reliable Mercedes Benz repair services.


Mercedes Benz is known for its excellent technology and engineering. And it must be maintained by professionals using the latest technologies. Syltech Auto Repairs offers highly advanced equipment that is outfitted with the most up-to-date diagnostic tools, as well as the latest Xentry diagnostic system. This is a complete diagnostic system for Mercedes-Benz cars that are used to fix any problem. It is an official Mercedes Benz dealer software. We can set up reprogram, initialize new components, and perform guided tests with assurance. We utilize this system to read or erase fault codes in any structure, including the Airbag and all control modules.

As a result, we can rapidly identify problem areas & fix them. We are glad to discuss or advise you on your requirements, you will find our experts extremely helpful and competitive with the surety of our work.

Mechanical Repairs

Syltech Auto Repairs offers a complete Mercedes-Benzes repair near you. We have expercience technician’s who can help you to get your Mercedes engine repair or maintenance work.

Our experts are capable to figure out any issues immediately with the latest mechanical tools and technology. This will be investigated, diagnosed, and efficiently repaired as quickly as feasible. We can rebuild a full engine or install a replacement and make relevant fixes that’s depending on damages. We will carry out Mechanical engine repairs on both manual and automatic Mercedes-Benz. We also specialize in transmission repairs and maintenance. Give us a try to treat your car with our excellent services.


Syltech Auto Repairs, provides electrical system checkups and repairs for your Mercedes Benz electric car. Your luxurious car consists of various electrical components that work together to keep the engine operating. The battery, starter, and alternator are the three most important parts of a car’s electrical system. Your car will not start or run smoothly if any of these three components fails. The car’s battery delivers the necessary electrical current to the car’s electrical components and
fuel systems.

The starter makes the engine perform its job by supplying it with the power to operate. To keep your car’s electrical system running, at Syltech Auto Repairs, we use advanced technologies to identify problems with these systems as top-class Mercedes-Benz specialists in London.


Your Mercedes Benz always needs an exceptional security system. For the coding and diagnosis of Mercedes vehicles, advanced software is required to connect the workshop computer to the vehicle. Syltech Auto Repairs offer to use latest Xentry software system for diagnosis and Mercedes coding near you in London. We have qualified specialists to ensure the quality results for your car’s serious coding issues. So, why go to a local mechanic for your Mercedes servicing when the specialists are near to you? Our professionals will guide you with their expertise & experience for your car’s coding problems.

Get in contact with us if your car needs to be reprogramed, we’ll come up with the best possible solution in no time!

Electric & Hybrid Cars

Syltech Auto offers to operate on both Mercedes Benz hybrids & electric cars. PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) are plug-in hybrid cars that combine a combustion engine with an electric battery. This means you can drive fully electric on shorter trips in to the city and utilize petrol or diesel engine for longer treks.

To use the electric drive, you must connect your car to an electrical outlet, but if you run out of range, you can easily switch to the combustion engine and recharge when it is more convenient for you. Another apparent difference with Mercedes hybrid plug-in cars is the responsiveness:  the electric motor boosts the combustion engine when you accelerate for a smoother ride.

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